The Book - Kindness: A Pocket Guide

Become professionally more successful with kindness. Kindness: A Pocket Guide explains the new science of kindness and its importance for effective leadership, team performance, learning and health.

Society needs people who can promote and prioritise kindness with confidence. This book arms you with the intellectual and scientific firepower to champion kindness with authority.

Being able to talk about kindness intelligently and promote it is a strength is needed more than ever. Organisations want managers and leaders who can promote kindness for team performance, optimal work culture, talent recruitment and retention. Schools need teachers who can grow kindness in their pupils, and parents want to instil kindness in their children. Kindness: A Pocket Guide will equip you to be an agent of change, both professionally and personally. Everyone knows how to be kind - we just need to prioritise it in order to have real impact.

  • The ability to talk about the science of kindness is advantageous in work, education and our personal lives
  • It is becoming ever more important to be able to promote kindness intelligently
  • Organisations, employees, leaders and schools are all realising the value of kindness

Through plain-English explanations of cutting-edge science, Sebastian will show you precisely what kindness is and its neurobiological basis, as well as how to apply it - not only does kindness benefit your physical and mental health, but the challenges posed by work, education, our loved ones and society at large can all be met by mindfully choosing to be kind. This might sound too good to be true or even counterproductive, but don’t be mistaken - Kindness: A Pocket Guide also delves into how kindness should be tough, fierce and handled with care.

  • The neurobiology of kindness
  • The science behind the benefits of kindness for physical and mental health
  • How kindness improves learning, team performance and leadership
  • How kindness facilitates success through human connection

We should not need reasons to be kind, but our human nature means that if we seriously want more kindness in the world - and the benefits that come from it - we need to incentivise it. Once you’ve become an instant expert on kindness, compassion and empathy and the many benefits they can have, you can use your newfound scientific knowledge to inform, inspire and motivate colleagues, employees, interviewers, students, family, children or friends. Now more than ever, we need, and look up to, people who are bold and confident with kindness.

Prioritising kindness advantages you and those around you; with kindness front and centre of your professional and personal life you lead, manage, teach and parent better. You initiate ripples of positive interactions that spread, empowering teams, organisations, communities and families with the social and emotional capital to face the greatest challenges and thrive with beauty, humanity and strength. Written to suit readers of any occupation, background or education level, Kindness: A Pocket Guide gives you the firepower to champion kindness with authority.

  • Speak with confidence and authority on kindness and its importance in 2022 and beyond
  • Bust the myths that kindness is weakness, and that kindness can get in the way of effective decision-making, leadership and business
  • Inspire others to prioritise kindness
  • Lead, manage, work, teach and parent at your best, emboldening others to harness the power of kindness for health and success
  • Use kindness in conversations, presentations and interviews which impress, convince and change people’s behaviours
  • Become a highly effective champion for greater kindness