If you want a bespoke keynote presentation that leaves the audience inspired, motivated and educated about the science of kindness and how it applies to their work and their lives, Sebastian will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a world-class keynote. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. A current selection of keynote topics include:

  • Introducing the Kindness Advantage at Work
  • Enhancing Team Performance through the Kindness Advantage
  • Excelling at Customer Service through the Kindness Advantage
  • Enhanced Cross-Cultural Management through the Kindness Advantage
  • Effective Leadership through the Kindness Advantage
  • Enhanced Wellbeing through the Kindness Advantage
  • Peak Performance through Self-kindness
  • Excellent Patient Care through Kindness and Compassion
  • Improved Learning & Creativity through the Kindness Advantage
  • Enhancing Safety in High-risk Environments through Kindness Advantage
  • Enhancing Brand Value through the Kindness Advantage
  • Organisational Growth through the Kindness Advantage
  • The Science of Kindness


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Sebastian has expertise in kindness research, the psychology of emotions and pro-social behaviour. He is leading a research project on kindness in the Department of Behavioural and Psychological Science at the London School Economics. He is also an experienced trainer and has strong speaking skills having spent five years at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London as a performing arts and drama student. He has experience of delivering presentations to audiences of 1000+

Client story 1

Burntwood School wanted presentations for all its sixth form and GCSE students to motivate, inspire students to success by provide them with practical guidance on how to study effectively, strength their resilience and support their wellbeing. Half a day of interactive presentations which included training on how to practically apply the psychology of kindness to support learning and wellbeing were delivered to approximately 1000 students. Feedback from Deputy Head, Bruce Gerry included I was thrilled with the personalised approach Sebastian took to planning the sessions…Sebastian took the time to come into school prior to the sessions to really get a sense of what we wanted.. this was reflected in the tailored sessions delivered... The content had real substance …a vast number of students and staff commented on how useful the sessions had been. We would certainly like to have Sebastian back in the future.

Client story 2

South Hampstead High School were keen to incorporate self-compassion into their curricula to support their student development and wellbeing. A series of whole school assemblies for the 900 students which covered the science of kindness, practical techniques for enhancing resilience and wellbeing were deliver during the school’s Wellness Week. Feedback from the deputy head Clare Wagner included: Thank you so much for the assembly on Monday. We all really enjoyed it….. It was very interesting and thought-provoking. I wish there had been more talk on kindness when I had been at school… I am really looking forward to your talk on Monday.