Client brief: Accenture Scotland wanted a training session to headline their mental health awareness week.

What Kindness Advantage Delivered: An interactive session which covered the psychology and neuroscience of kindness and practical techniques for applying the Kindness Advantage in the workplace and in challenging situations was delivered. The training also introduced participants to principles of self-compassion. The training was broadcast across Accenture's global network enabling employees from different office to access the training. .

Testimonial: I would highly recommend Sebastian’s talks on kindness in the workplace as he gave an extremely informative talk at our office in Edinburgh. Everyone enjoyed the content, and it was good to re-enforce behaviours which are often forgotten during periods of stress. His talk focussed a lot on the biology of acting kindness as well as the psychology which made it more interesting as it didn’t just sound like conjecture. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and able to answer everyone’s questions with ease. I have also spoken to him about this as I was wanting to pass his knowledge on to other colleagues from our UK offices and he was very friendly, professional, and happy to help. I am hoping we will be able to arrange more talks with him in the future to continue spreading the message of kindness. Rachel Miller, Digital Analyst, Accenture.


Client brief:  The UK government Department for International Trade wanted a short wellbeing and resilience focused training session to headline their monthly team meeting taking place entirely remotely for the first time.

What Kindness Advantage Delivered:  A half hour motivational and interactive zoom presentation introducing participants to the science of kindness and how to apply it. Participants learnt through short exercises and practical tip new way to cope with stress, work well as team and promote wellbeing.

Testimonial: I would definitely recommend Sebastian’s talks on kindness in the workplace. Sebastian passion and enthusiasm to encourage collective kindness comes through clearly and is so needed across the professional sectors. The session provides a moment of reflection of what professional can do more to foster wellbeing across the workplace, the science behind kindness and compassion. Applying this to life in the civil service is important as the work we do has widespread impact on the public, so a healthy mindset is needed. Several colleagues commented on how genuine and friendly Sebastian was in his delivery. I look forward to seeing how far his session reaches globally and how lives are changed !

Gina Antwi, Senior Appointment Advisor, Department for International Trade.


Client request: ArcelorMittal required a “Lunch and Learn” training seminar for senior executives and directors at their London headquarters with a focus on leadership development.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: An interactive session was delivered focussed on how the science of kindness helps us to understand why high-quality human connections built through kindness support highly effective leadership, enhance safety and team performance. Attendees learnt three practical kindness skills to enhance leadership and communication effectiveness.

Testimonial: Thank you, Sebastian, for the insightful talk to our colleagues during our Learning Week! Colleagues were grateful to be hear a refreshing take on the subject of Leadership and to learn from the latest research findings and learn new skillsAlina González, HR Lead & Leadership Development Specialist, ArcelorMittal.


Client request: University College London Medical School required a session on emotional intelligence, compassion and the leadership for trainee doctors. Doctors do not just need excellent clinical knowledge and skills, they need excellent communication skills, the capacity for compassion response to suffering and be able to care for their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: A half day training which covered, theory, research and range of interactive exercises including role play and group discussions to embed the principles of the Kindness Advantage for enhanced leadership.

Testimonial. Thank you for running the great session on emotional intelligence for intelligent leadership. Deirdre Wallace, Lead for Clinical Skills And Leadership and Management Development. University College London Medical School. 

The session was fun and interactive and has definitely made me reflected on how I need to and can develop my leadership and EI skills to be more effective, support and kind to patients and colleagues. Course Participant.


Client brief: Diaverum Global, a multinational specialist healthcare provider required a training session for country directors and clinic managers on kindness and compassion in healthcare and its relevance for teamwork, staff wellbeing and engagement, compliance and patientcare for their South American division in Argentina.

What Kindness Advantage Delivered: An interactive session which covered the science of kindness, the research on kindness and compassion in organisations and specifically in healthcare was delivered. Discussion as to how to apply kindness advantage principle to their organisation was facilitate and the session was video recorded for the organisations future training needs.

Testimonial: Sebastian has delivered two excellent training sessions in Argentina. In 2016 he delivered a half-day session for at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Buenos Aires on compassion in healthcare which was great success. This year, on March 25th he delivered a presentation on the importance of compassion and empathy for organisational performance, leadership and patient care to managers and directors of DIAVERUN. We are a multinational organization specialising in renal medicine serving over 4000 patients in Argentina. Sebastian is an expert in his subject and he presents with enthusiasm, authenticity and humour. His presentation included lots of audience participation and discussion which meant people really engaged with the content of the training. It was notable that Sebastian delivered the session straight after a long-haul flight and in Spanish. It was a delight to work with Sebastian and I recommend him as trainer and speaker. Dr Susan Perez, Head of Clinical Governance.

Thank you for running such a fantastic interactive seminar on compassionate carefor all our directors and senior managers. Colleagues have commented how informative and thought-provoking session had been. We appreciate your expertise and ability to deliver the talk in Spanish! Thank you so much. Soledad Rodriguez  Casanova,  Director of HR Diaverum, Argentina.



Client request: South Hampstead High School were keen to incorporate self-compassion into their curricula to support their student development and wellbeing.

What kindness advantage delivered: A series of whole school assemblies for the 900 students which covered the science of kindness, practical techniques for enhancing resilience and wellbeing were deliver during the school’s Wellness Week.

Testimonial: Thank you so much for the assembly on Monday. We all really enjoyed it…It was very interesting and thought-provoking. I wish there had been more talk on kindness when I had been at school… I am really looking forward to your talk on Monday”.

Clare Wagner,  Deputy head,  South Hampstead High School.


Client request: The programme director for the teacher training (PGCE social science course) at University College London’s Institute for Education requested a session to enhance trainee teachers’ resilience and ability to handle challenging teaching situations.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: A half day training which covered practical strategies for applying self-kindness for enhanced resilience and performing at one’s best under pressure. Participants also learnt about the science and psychology of kindness.

Testimonial. This was a massively helpful afternoon of training. It would have been good to have had this session at the start of the year. I’m going to implement use some of the techniques as of tomorrow! The present was great. Really, clear friendly and the right mix of theory and practice. 10/10. Course Participant. Trainee teacher,  Intitutte of Education,  University College London.


Client request: London Southbank University requested a training session for all their Professional Services Staff who support students through the Wellbeing and Dyslexia and Disability Service. The session focus was to be on promoting wellbeing and enhancing customer service.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: An interactive session covering the latest science of kindness and practical strategies for enhancing personal wellbeing and delivering excellent customer service was delivered.

Testimonial. Thank you for the fantastic session. We all learnt a lot for the wonderful session. You packed a lot of information into the session yet made it clear and easy to understand. We need to get you to do more training for usSteven Short, Head of Student Wellbeing Service, London Southbank University. 


Client request: The London School of Economics wanted a training session for their LSE LIFE programme that would provide students with strategies to cope with the multiple stresses of coursework deadlines, exams and job applications and interviews.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: A one-hour workshop which introduced participants to the science of kindness and key principles of self-kindness as well demonstrating a range of easy-to-remember and quick-to-apply self-kindness techniques for ensuring peak performance in stressful, high-stakes situations such as interviews and exams.

Testimonial: Feedback from participants included: “I was quite sceptical about attending a workshop on self-kindness but I’m pleased I came it was definitely worth it. The science behind it helped a lot”. “Attending this workshop has made a big difference. I’m already feeling much better, less stressed and more confident about confronting all the challenges ahead”. “Thanks for all the interactive exercises. I will be trying. The session on self-kindness for resilience was great. I learnt many useful tips and strategies which will help me for my interviews and exams. Thanks.”

The London School of Economics. 


Client request: Burntwood School wanted presentations for all its sixth form and GCSE students to motivate, inspire students to success by provide them with practical guidance on how to study effectively, strength their resilience and support their wellbeing.

What kindness advantage delivered: Half a day of interactive presentations which included training on how to practically apply the psychology of kindness to support learning and wellbeing were delivered to approximately 1000 students.

Testimonial: I was thrilled with the personalised approach Sebastian took to planning the sessions…Sebastian took the time to come into school prior to the sessions to really get a sense of what we wanted.. this was reflected in the tailored sessions delivered... The content had real substance …a vast number of students and staff commented on how useful the sessions had been. We would certainly like to have Sebastian back in the future.

Bruce Gerry, Deputy principal, Burntwood School.


Client request: the international positive psychology association student section leadership series request an online webinar on the psychology of kindness and it relevance to teaching.

What kindness advantage delivered: A live webinar which covered theory, empirical research, exercises and Q&A. with participants located in 12 countries attending the webinar.

Testimonial: Thank you for doing such a fabulous presentation. It was real success. You timed it really well, interacted excellent with attendees and the slides were great.

Taylor Daimini, President, International Positive Psychology Association (Student division). 


Client request: The London School of Economics Student Wellbeing Service requested a training session for staff on the latest science and research on kindness and its relevance to wellbeing and mental health.

What Kindness Advantage delivered: A one-hour CPD style workshop which gave participants an overview of the latest psychology and neuroscience on kindness, and summarised compassion focussed therapy techniques that are substantial part of many third wave psychotherapies.

Testimonial: Thank you for a fantastic and inspiring talk on the importance of kindness and mental health.

Rebekah Griffiths, Mental Health Adviser, The London School of Economics.