The Kindness Advantage ® can be applied to improve outcomes in a wide range of areas. Whether you need leadership development for senior executives, wellbeing and resilience training for managers, cultural integration training following a merger or acquisition, or customer service training for front-line staff, the Kindness Advantage approach can be customised to meet your needs. Kindness Advantage training participants gain a uniquely powerful new knowledge base and skillset grounded in scientific research that fuels their growth, development and performance. Please contact us to discuss your training needs. Our current list of trainings that apply the science of kindness to improve outcomes include:

  • Resilience in Times of Challenge- flyer
  • Effective Leadership -flyer 
  • Enhanced Wellbeing - flyer
  • Performing Under Pressure- flyer
  • Excellence in Healthcare -flyer
  • Enhancing Team Performance
  • Excelling At Customer Service
  • Enhanced Cross-Cultural Management
  • Improved Learning & Creativity
  • Enhanced Safety in High-Risks Environments
  • Enhancing Brand Value
  • The Science of Kindness  

Client Case-studies


Accenture wanted a training session to headline their mental health awareness week.

An interactive lunch time session which covered the psychology and neuroscience of kindness and practical techniques for applying the Kindness Advantage in the workplace and in challenging situations was delivered. The training also introduced participants to principles of self-compassion. The training was broadcast across Accenture's global network enabling employees from different office to access the training. Time was made for interactive discussion at the end of the training.

Feedback included: I would highly recommend Sebastian’s talks on kindness in the workplace as he gave an extremely informative talk at our office in Edinburgh. Everyone enjoyed the content, and it was good to re-enforce behaviours which are often forgotten during periods of stress. His talk focussed a lot on the biology of acting kindness as well as the psychology which made it more interesting as it didn’t just sound like conjecture. He was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and able to answer everyone’s questions with ease. I have also spoken to him about this as I was wanting to pass his knowledge on to other colleagues from our UK offices and he was very friendly, professional, and happy to help. I am hoping we will be able to arrange more talks with him in the future to continue spreading the message of kindness.  Rachel Miller, Digital Analyst


ArcelorMittal required a “Lunch and Learn” training seminar for busy senior executives and directors with a focus on leadership development.

A interactive session was delivered focussed on how the science of kindness helps us to understand why high-quality human connection built through kindness support he highly effective leadership, enhance safety and team performance. Attendees learnt three practical kindness skills to enhance leadership and communication effectiveness.

Feedback include: Thank you, Sebastian, for the insightful talk to our colleagues during our Learning Week! Colleagues were grateful to be hear a refreshing take on the subject of Leadership and to learn from the latest research findings and learn new skills. Alina González, Leadership Development Specialist, ArcelorMittal