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We offer solutions in four areas: enhancing teamwork and culture; helping you excel at customer service; protecting and promoting mental health and harnessing the power of kindness for more effective leadership.

As human beings we are neurobiologically designed to respond to kindness in ways that boost our cognitive, social and emotional resources. When we give and receive kindness we feel good, we become more engaged and invested in the people we interact with and our minds, released from the load of social stress, perform better.

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If you want a bespoke keynote presentation that leaves the audience inspired, motivated and educated about the science of kindness and how it applies to their work and their lives, Sebastian will work with you ...

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Training and Workshops

The Kindness Advantage ® can be applied to improve outcomes in a range of areas. Whether you need leadership development for senior executives

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One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one coaching is tailored to the precise developmental objectives of the individual

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Optimising kindness should be a strategic priority for every organisation.

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