We provide training, talks and consultancy to  improve outcomes in leadership, communication, team performance, customer service, wellbeing, engagement, learning, creativity and healthcare by prioritising kindness.

We teach clients what leading-edge scientific research reveals about how kindness changes biology, psychology and behaviours. We train clients to practically apply the science of kindness to their organisation, team and their own selves. Readmore

On-going research in a range of areas including neuroscience, cognitive and social psychology, molecular biology, genetics, management research and education research are providing us with an ever more detailed understanding of the psychobiology of kindness and positive human connection.

Research has found that when kindness is experienced there are significant positive consequences for health, learning, risk-management, safety, compliance, customer service and individual, team and organisational performance. An understanding of the science of kindness helps us to know what can be done to facilitate kindness and why prioritising kindness is not just the “right thing to do” but also an intelligent and advantageous choice.

As humans, we all have great capacity for kindness. It is hard-wired into our neurobiology. However, the human capacity for kindness can be facilitated or inhibited by a range of factors. We train clients to better identify opportunities for kindness and how to maximise the facilitators and reduce the inhibitors of kindness.

We also train clients in the skills required to take effective kind action in difficult situations and how to apply kindness to enhance performance and success when faced with threats and challenges. If you would like your team or organisation to benefit from the kindness advantage approach, we provide high-impact, instructional and motivational keynotes and training.