Optimising kindness should be a strategic priority for every organisation. We often think of kindness within the context of two individuals interacting with each other, but organisational kindness can be an incredibly effective way of achieving desired outcomes. Becoming a kinder team, department, hotel, store, school, hospital, university or company is not just nice and ethical: it’s a smart and powerful way to positively impact a range of outcomes, including brand value, customer relations, wellbeing, engagement, motivation, creativity, communication, resilience and ultimately productivity, performance and value creation. Upgrading the kindness profile of a whole department or organisation can resolve specific challenges and achieve desired outcomesrapidly. We can help clients leverage the advantages of kindness across an organisation and design work processes in order to facilitate and optimise kindness. Contact us today for more information.

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Leveraging the advantages of kindness across a whole organisation requires an understanding of the organisation’s unique profile of facilitators and inhibitors of collective kindness. Leadership and management style, everyday organisational practices and procedures, and the quality of interpersonal interactions all contribute to the overall kindness capacity of an organisation. Applying the Kindness Advantage across an organisation requires firstly assessing the current kindness profile and secondly identifying opportunities to boost facilitators and reduce inhibitors of kindness. Often small changes have a big impact. Optimised kindness is a driver of competitive advantage as well as ethically important.